Thermal treatment

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We manufacture muffles and retorts, annealing hoods and crucibles as well as lead tubs in almost all sizes and excellent Pilling quality for thermal treatment at our factories in Altena and Riepe.

Muffles, retort units

In addition to annealing muffles, we also manufacture vibrating plates and rolling ladders for your continuous furnaces. We also produce charging stands and hardening baskets in addition to retorts and retort lids.

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Annealing hoods

As a discerning supplier of annealing hoods, baffle cylinders, annealing hoods bases and accessories for the heat treating of wire and strip steel, we are constantly optimizing our production processes.

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For melting processes of lead, zinc, tin and other metals, we manufacture custom-made crucibles, pans, kettles and other accessories.

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Lead pans

We manufacture lead pans of all sizes for the annealing and patenting of wire.

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Our special pilling service for galvanizing plants makes kettle replacement faster and therefore more economical for you. The liquid zinc can temporarily be stored in our heatable holding furnaces during kettle replacement.

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Liquid metal pumps

The high-performance pumps of our subsidiary W. Dietermann have been especially developed for conveying liquid metals or molten industrial salts. With their high delivery rate, they even empty big galvanizing kettles without taking the risk of zinc solidification. The most powerful Dietermann pumps can pump up to eight tonnes of liquid zinc per minute and thus safely emptying kettles with a volume of 1.000 tonnes or more.

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