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Pumping and keeping molten metal hot

Our special pilling service for galvanizing plants makes kettle replacement faster and therefore more economical for you. The liquid zinc can be temporarily be stored in our heatable holding furnaces during kettle replacement. These furnaces developed by Pilling make it possible to significantly reduce the start-up phase of your new kettle.  

USI measurement

In addition, we offer wall thickness measurement of your kettle. At the same time, we check the condition of the kettle in the filled state with an ultrasonic probe at intervals specified by you. This service takes only a few hours and can be carried out in off-peak times without or with little restrictions on your production.


For ensuring a safe and punctual delivery of your new kettle we can offer the assistance of our experienced logistic team.
We also accompany the time-consuming kettle replacement for hot-dip galvanizing with special services that are unique in the world to this extent.


In the case of necessary repairs of your galvanizing kettles, crucibles, muffles, retorts, annealing hoods and other products our highly qualified specialists will be happy to assist you.

Mechanical processing

With our modern machine park, we offer you a versatile range in the fields of milling, turning, cutting, drilling and grooving. We can machine smaller components but also larger components up to 6 tonnes for you.