Galvanizing kettles

You set the limit

Our galvanizing kettles are produced exclusively at our factory in Riepe. Every year, more than 300 galvanizing kettles with wall thicknesses of up to 80 mm are produced here. There are almost no restrictions on the dimensions, shapes and weights of the components. In addition to  classic kettles for jobbing galvanizing plants, you can also get kettles for sheet galvanizing lines. For aluminium-containing zinc alloys, a special weld cladding protects the kettle wall from corrosion.

Our entire production is designed to minimize the introduction of mechanical stresses into the kettle material. For this purpose, all deformations on the sheet metal are carried out when warm. In addition, our electroslag welding process, which uses only one layer to weld the entire thickness of the kettle, results in a very uniform temperature input. We offer suitable zinc bottom dross shovels as a supplement to remove zinc bottom dross from the kettle. Their bending radius and width are designed for the respective galvanizing kettle.